Cosmic Delivery

Our dispatcher position is a great fit for applicants with a high level of experience using a computer for gaming or other general applications, and who would feel comfortable working in a fast-paced digital work environment from their home. During an average shift, a dispatcher will create delivery routes for drivers, and provide assistance to our customers, restaurants, and drivers. Dispatchers working with Cosmic will be able to quickly improve their management, customer service, and logic-based skills which will transfer to almost any other job. Promotions are also available for those looking to continue to work with the company.

Job Benefits

  • Work from home opportunities are available
  • Gain experience in a management level position
  • Promotion opportunities available


  • Plan routes for drivers
  • Assign groups of orders to drivers
  • Assist drivers with delivery issues
  • Resolve issues that drivers are encountering
  • Take phone orders from restaurants and customers
  • Assist customers in resolving order issues
  • Update restaurant menus


  • Must be proficient with using a computer
  • Must be proficient with using a web browser
  • Must be able to work effectively under stress
  • Must have a friendly personality which will help in resolving customer issues
  • Must be able to perform n a fast-paced work environment

Job Details

Hours: 10-20/week; varies depending on the number of meetings scheduled

Pay: $12.00/hr

Dispatchers are eligible for a $2.00/hr raise ($14.00/hr) after 1 year.